My first job in full-time ministry was as a designer and video producer for my church. Basically, that means I, along with 2 others in my department, was responsible for handling any and all graphical needs throughout the ministry,  as well as producing the promotional videos for our annual conference – I.P.M.C. (International Pastors and Ministers Conference). At the time that I was brought in, the church seemed to be making some major changes by bringing in younger staff within the other areas of the ministry (including TV Broadcasting). Eventually,  we relinquished the responsibility of producing videos and my department focused on primarily design.

Before the shoot with Datin, I hadn’t touched anything video in several years. We actually went to meet him and the rest of my Stylewyld cohorts for a photoshoot – but Datin had ulterior motives. We arrived at his place in Newark – and walked in on this dude plastering the walls with photo copies of secular rappers. “Uh?”, I thought. Yea, it would seem that along with shooting photos, my boys also wanted to shoot a “quick video”. I’m not gonna lie – standing there in his empty living room, surrounded by pictures of these famous rappers – I could literally see the end result – and it was dope! I totally got inspired, and once we started, . The shoot went smoothly and the post production even smoother. Would you believe me if I told you that our only light source came from a busted floor lamp? I was able to edit the video in a day and was totally pleased with our results.

photo credit to my lovely wife @MrsJasmineDee 
(left to right: Tee-Wyla, Lionel King, Me, Datin, Selah the Corner)


This joint is off Datin’s free project Turn it Off – Vol. 1 and is available for download   Button Text

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